Dreamers. Experts.
And doers.

An outlook of our company from the early days until now.

It was 1996: Java 1.0 had just been released, in the US e-mails were overtaking traditional mail for the first time and Microsoft launched Windows CE 1.0, one of the first portable operative systems. Many had no idea yet, but we were already seeing it getting closer by giant steps: it was the world of the future, where digital technology would be indispensable to people.

We started off as a young IT company founded by a group of tech enthusiasts. We ended up becoming Microsoft Gold Partner for ten years and counting, and an internationally awarded IT and innovation enterprise (Softjam Innovation) that enriches governmental organizations, non-profits and major finance, insurance, retail, shipping, healthcare, fashion and design companies worldwide with the life changing power of digital technology. We’ve believed in innovation since the very beginning. After 20 years of experience, we are able to make it the common denominator for the needs of all decision makers on the market, and to transform businesses through it.

Find more on our vision and on our organization, SoftJam and SoftJam Innovation.


We can do many things. We can do them well.


We can look far ahead. We can do it before everyone else.


We believe in what we do. And in what we haven’t done yet.