Amissima Insurance Group

Migration on Office 365


Amissima Insurance Group – consisting of Amissima Assicurazioni and Amissima Vita – operates in the protection of assets and individuals for families and SMB, operating both through a network of over 540 agencies in Italy and through bank branches. The solidity of Amissima Insurance Group is guaranteed by its assets of over 450 million euros, by the quality of the shareholder and by the professionalism, competence and experience of its staff and its agents who work to find the best protection solutions for customers.

For many years, e-mail has been the main communication carrier for organizations. The number and size of emails and items exchanged daily increased significantly and the trend, according to industry studies, is likely to continue.
The increase in e-mail traffic has, however, made the boxes of users ever larger and more complex to manage.
IT managers are often forced to use third-party software to ensure proper operation of On-Premises environments and to provide the desired RPOs and RTOs in case of failures or interruptions. But, as a rule, this involves the need to make expensive investments.
To deal with this problem, Massimo Vignoli, IT Manager of Amissima Insurance Group and Giuseppe Chillemi, head of the IT infrastructure of Amissima Insurance Group, turned to SoftJam looking for a solution that would be able to reduce the effort management of e-mail – and, therefore, to dispose of the Exchange On-Premises server – both to decrease the time required for the procedures of backup and restore of the mailboxes.


The solution offered by SoftJam based on Microsoft Cloud has focused on the flexibility of the Office 365 suite that, thanks to the completeness of the included workloads, has allowed the users of Amissima Insurance Group to benefit from a powerful tool for personal productivity and to manage in an everywhere way / everytime your e-mail.

The complex migration project to Exchange Online, given the coexistence of two distinct user forests, was gradually carried out in close collaboration with the customer.
After an initial pilot phase entirely managed by SoftJam – preparation on On-Premises environment and migration of a test box – we have reached the massive migration phase of the management mailboxes. Following this, the migration of the agency network was started.
At the same time, SoftJam took care of the deployment of some Office 365 workloads, such as Skype For Business, which also made it possible to dispose of the pre-existing VOIP infrastructure.
In addition, he oversaw the departure of the OneDrive project used by the companies to increase the mobility of resources and the full usability of the data in the event / everytime mode.

The entire project was supported and supervised by Giuseppe Chillemi, whose knowledge of Amissima Insurance Group infrastructure and environments ensured the profitable organization of the activities and a minimum impact on the users’ activities.


At the end of the project, the users migrated on Microsoft platform will be 1790, of which 590 onthe Office 365 platform, while the remaining 1200 will see their boxes migrated to Exchange Online.
The versatility of the Cloud and the complete automation in the provision of the service guaranteed by Office 365 allowed the IT department of Amissima to eliminate the management costs of the old Exchange On-Premises server, but also to transform into OPEX all the CAPEX expenses for the maintenance of the infrastructure that previously occupied a portion of the annual IT budget.
In this way, the resources available to Amissima Insurance Group (technicians, systems engineers and infrastructure managers), freed from the task of managing the electronic mail and the On-Premises environment, were able to devote themselves to supporting the requests of the business, through the correct technological choices, in terms of services provided to users.