Banca Carige

A large Italian bank has a secure future thanks to Azure


Banca Carige can trace its roots back to the 15th century, to the early days of banking.

These days, Gruppo Banca Carige is one of Italy’s largest retail banking groups, with 625 branches throughout the country and more than 1 million customers. To better serve those customers, Banca Carige needed a way to improve the ICT infrastructure, reducing costs without reducing service. The answer came in the form of a project that allowed the bank group to save money, improve operations, and increase systems’ availability.


The bank opted to maintain a hybrid environment and to implement Microsoft Azure StorSimple, an integrated storage solution that manages storage tasks between on-premises devices and Azure Cloud storage.

With the bank’s IT team, we have implemented a StorSimple, an integrated storage system that handles archiving tasks between local devices and Cloud storage in Azure.

We have installed four Azure StorSimple instances across the bank’s two headquarters buildings, migrating 50 terabytes of data—primarily Microsoft Office files, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The solution includes Azure Rights Management to help secure files and email, and because the files are Cloud-based, employees can access them even if one of the headquarters sites is down.


The implementation of StorSimple has enabled Banca Carige to significantly improve IT infrastructure, saving money by shifting costs from investment costs to operating expenses, while meeting the disaster recovery requirements required by the law. The Cloud solution provides all operators with access to data at any time, even in the case of offline main site, making customer service excellent.