Municipality of Catania

Cloud security


Located in Sicily, Italy, the Municipality of Catania has over 300,000 inhabitants. The city, with the ancient port of Catania, embraces the coast at the foot of the volcano Etna, to date still active. Known for its fish industry, rich history and hospitable culture, the region continues to thrive as a destination and business centralizer.
A streamlined management of public services is essential and the maintenance of public registers to track needs is the heart of this process. The Municipality of Catania needs therefore to put in safety its main datacenter, located in Piazza San Domenico, against any potential damage.


To meet this need, the municipality has been contacted by SoftJam – a Microsoft Golden partner – to develop a flexible and lightweight solution. Azure was the obvious choice. In conjunction with SQL Server, they have released a variety of in-cloud services: Log management, Database mirroring, Windows virtual machines, and a witness SQL Server. All this is supported by an automatic recovery and a site-to-site VPN as standard for better security.


The overall result was a safer system with backup services running at a lower cost. The new hybrid approach also offers security against malfunctions, increasing the trust of the end customer. It has also been successful as a test scenario and now seems to be ready to be replicated on other public systems and services.