Municipality of Pesaro

Smart and agile solutions for the Public Administration


The municipality of Pesaro has fewer than 100,000 inhabitants, and that makes it the second most populous city in the Marche region, after Ancona.

The City Administration is divided into 33 locations (over 23 schools), with a total of just over 700 employees and approximately 1,000 computerized workstations.


We supported the municipality in their process of digital transformation, which led almost 500 staff members to adopt Microsoft Cloud options and Microsoft Office 365, which replaced the free and less flexible software suite previously in use.

We have also increased the infrastructure performance of the Municipality of Pesaro with the aim of making services to citizens as efficient as possible.

The needs directly concerned both business and technology: on the one hand, increasing the satisfaction of the citizen thanks to some services offered by the Municipality of Pesaro; on the other hand, by reviewing the infrastructure based completely on servers.

  • Creating VPN
  • VM on Azure Activation for the use of WEB applications for users of the Pesaro school system and one for the experimentation of the portal of the ITIS (State Industrial Technical Institute) of Urbino on LINUX platform and TYPO-3 as CMS
  • File System Backup
  • Implementation of StorSimple containing SIT data (about 500 Gb)
  • Azure Site Recovery


The municipality of Pesaro is now proudly one of those italian smart cities which are able to cut costs, optimize processes, share data, exchange news and interact with citizens anywhere and from any device.

Scalable, flexible infrastructure with the pay-per-use model provided in the Azure economic model. Business continuity and back up with the consequent protection of replicated data across multiple sites.

Reduced the cost of IT resources involved in server machine maintenance and consequent resource allocation in more valuable assets; using virtual space based on actual needs; elimination of the costs of using the electricity needed to keep the server machines active and in good condition.

More efficient web services to the citizens (users of the Pesaro school system and one for the experimentation of the portal of the ITIS of Urbino and implementation of the StorSimple for the SIT).