Rieti ASL

Microsoft Cloud solutions at the service of public health


The local organizing unit for health assistance of the Italian city of Rieti relies on 1.800 employees who provide services to a total of 155.000 inhabitants. The offices needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure both in terms of computing capacity and storage capability. Within the digital transformation path that the company started during the last few years, in 2015, was also undertaken a review of the information processing and storage infrastructure. The project’s objectives were, on one side, to increase flexibility and speed of response to server-side elaboration capability requirements – e.g. in test environments; and, on the other, to guarantee IT service continuity and recovery in case of malfunction, even regarding data access.


The project led to the adoption of Windows Azure and Microsoft StorSimple solutions. In particular, older data, backup data and archived data have been moved to the StorSimple Hybrid Cloud storage platform. Instead, the Azure platform for application management with its Site Recovery – a set of Disaster Recovery capabilities that replay some virtual production machines that have core business applications – will ensure a fast recovery of information and data, even in case of blackout or failure. In order to reduce the costs, various production and testing services have also been migrated to the Cloud platform.

Azure Site Recovery permits tests failover to support emergency recovery analysis without affecting production environments. It is also possible to run scheduled failovers without loss of data due to planned interruptions, or unplanned failovers with a minimum loss of data, based on replication frequency, for unexpected emergencies. After failover, it is possible to carry out the recovery on the main sites. Site Recovery provides recovery plans including Azure scripts and automation work folders to customize failover and the recovery of multi-level applications.

Site Recovery carries out the continuous and remote monitoring of protected instances by Azure. All the communication with Azure is encrypted to guarantee data and information security.


The introduction of our Microsoft Cloud Hybrid solution has reduced the operating costs associated with production and storage services, while also delivering benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability. In addition, it is possible to rely on a system always available in case of problems with the primary Data Center, thus guaranteeing service even in case of failure or disruption of the infrastructure at the Company. Our Microsoft Cloud Hybrid solution reduced all production costs by means of its agile and highly scalable services, and guaranteed a stable, updated and versatile infrastructural system to all employees.