San Martino University Hospital

Digitally transforming Liguria’s major health structure


IRCCS San Martino University Hospital – IST is a major structure that meets the health care needs of the citizens of Genoa and Liguria, counting more than 5000 employees. The structure needed to increase the IT structure flexibility, storage and computing capacity and to optimize the level of services provided to citizens.


We integrated and upgraded our client’s IT structure with Windows Azure, providing StorSimple Cloud-integrated storage, as well as Windows Server, Microsoft Hyper-v, Microsoft System Center and Microsoft Operation Manager.


A complete transit to a Hybrid Cloud Microsoft solution, in just one month, allowed San Martino University Hospital to safely manage the large amounts of data generated by the Big Data Explosion – a common issue among hospital centers due to of the size of diagnostic images. It also enabled to save up to 40% of infrastructural costs and keep the quality of provided services in line with EU standards. Thanks to Microsoft Cloud solution, it is now possible to add a standard of maximum security to data archiving, and built-in backup and disaster recovery features.