Italy’s leading kitchen brand, digitally transformed


A benchmark company for “Made in Italy” products worldwide and a brand that stands out for its high-quality design, elegance and good “living”, the Scavolini Group – which achieved a turnover of almost 200 million euros in 2014, with a 20% share from abroad – has always focused on innovation with regard to its products, organisation and overall business vision.

This desire for continuous innovation also applies to the field of Information Systems: over the years, the company has always made sure to be able to rely on a stable infrastructure that supports the many services required by the various business areas.

A few years ago, it was faced with an interesting challenge, as a result of a new strategy brought about by the company management: Scavolini began to take great interest in the potential of foreign markets, both emerging and established ones. From then on, it pursued an expansion policy, which led it to open offices in the USA, China and Great Britain.

Scavolini then started using Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure so that people could connect to the company’s productivity systems from virtually anywhere, and to interact and communicate safely and quickly.
Initially, the mail system adopted was Microsoft Exchange, configured in classic mode. However, after opening the new offices, it became clear that a change was necessary. Scavolini therefore opted for Cloud, using Microsoft Exchange in Microsoft Office 365 for its offices abroad.


The transition to Microsoft Exchange in the Cloud is taking place gradually: it began in November 2014 and is gradually involving its sales offices abroad, mobile workers (people who need a mail system available on all devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones), for a total number, to its fullest potential, of approximately 400 users.
The Cloud email service enables Scavolini’s Information Systems to provide a more readily available service even in remote offices, but also more responsive (compared to the one provided by its own data centre).

Microsoft Exchange perfectly integrates with the corporate on-premise system. Thanks to Microsoft Office 365 and all of its productivity solutions, Scavolini users are able to maintain high levels of productivity and can exchange documents, organise online meetings and share documents through Microsoft SharePoint.” Theoretically, – Edoardo Gentili, Information Systems Manager, explains – Lync might even end up replacing our phones in the future. Thanks to the integrated contacts and messaging services now available also on mobile phones, the level of interaction with the company is excellent.”


“For a company that aims to expand in foreign markets such as Scavolini, the Cloud proves to be a reliable solution. In fact, the Cloud helps prevent bottlenecks, which would otherwise certainly occur in the infrastructure, for example as a result of a new corporate acquisition. Moreover, we are studying how to use Microsoft Azure to implement solutions that ensure the control of goods at our offices abroad.” For Scavolini, Microsoft Azure could even become an extension of its own infrastructure with the aim to provide centralised online services.

Thanks to the Microsoft Cloud platform, Scavolini is capable of supplying the services on a 24-hour basis and in a reliable manner, ensuring continued operation also for users who work in other continents with different time zones.
A crucial role was played by the partner SoftJam, which: “Introduced us to a whole new world, that of the Cloud, and guided us in implementing Microsoft Office 365 and Azure,” the Information Systems Manager concludes.