Nurturing the future
with new lifeblood

Discover our innovation hub: Digital Tree


The digital revolution has already begun: computational power has grown exponentially, whereas artificial intelligence and machine learning can predict trends and disrupt business strategies in every market segment. Cognitive and Cloud Computing are enacting a transformation that enterprises should be able to understand and embrace. This is why we founded Digital Tree: a whole new model of innovation hub.


Digital Tree is the natural habitat of all the experienced companies, independent professionals, investors and start-ups, who operate in the areas of cognitive computing and machine learning and need to acquire new connections and technical know-how while working in a friendly and empowering environment. It is an incubator of innovative realities with an ambition: to attract talents, gathering the best of them in this field, and to create and favor the conditions to grow the enterprises of those who explore what today is a frontier. Digital Tree also hosts companies that, in the co-working space perfectly integrated into its ecosystem, will bring diagonal and complementary visions to the cognitive computing development.

It also has spaces dedicated to the entrepreneurial and economic environment: an essential opening to bring today’s world closer to tomorrow’s frontier, as part of that public function that technology has to aim for.