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Embracing Hybrid Cloud on your Digital Journey

Have you already defined your Cloud strategy?

SoftJam is the right advisor for you!

It’s important, in each IT transformation, to understand what the destination is and what the points of reference are along the way.
One of those destinations is the Hybrid-Cloud model but reaching it from scratch means facing the challenges of migration and integration processes.

Thanks to our experience on Cloud solutions, we developed a multi-step, secure methodology that will help you in the transformation and the evolution of your Data Center towards a Hybrid Cloud model, taking advantage of all the benefits of Microsoft Azure.

Why choose the Journey To Hybrid Cloud
methodology (JTHC)?

Journey To Hybrid Cloud is the method that SoftJam created to support customers in choosing the best way to adopt Azure and, consequently, to plan and optimize IT investments dedicated to the transition to the Cloud.
Microsoft Azure has functionalities that provide value for organizations, when properly used.

Our Cloud Architects will follow you: from the first assessment to the following planning, design and migration phases, with high technical standards, up to the governance and training for the IT staff of your organization.

A Customer Education Framework, based on a continuous training course, necessary to fully capture the benefits of the Microsoft Azure Cloud:

  • Reduction of operating costs (CapEx to OpEx);
  • High security and reliability. The separation of Public and Private Cloud environments allows Organizations to store sensitive data in the Private Cloud while maintaining access to resources in the Public Cloud;
  • Greater speed. A Hybrid-Cloud model with a directly accessible private data center greatly reduces access time and latency unlike the Public Cloud;
  • High customization. A Hybrid-Cloud environment allows you to customize your hardware. In fact, unlike a Public Cloud, it is possible to choose the necessary hardware for the Data Center and to define the security standards;
  • High scalability to adapt your organization to the changing needs.

Learn how to get all the benefits of Microsoft Azure
by providing integration with your Data Center