Deployment Framework

We stand by your side on your way towards a new operating system,
to ensure increased corporate productivity

SoftJam meets stringent technical standards
when managing the migration process

Using our advanced methodological and operational framework, we will stand by your side when deploying Windows 10 to ensure:

Maximum compatibility
with existing applications

Minimum impact
on users and business

Maximum security
for your organization

Would you like to switch to a protected operative system
that offers a wealth of new functionality?

Embark with us on a 4-step journey to successfully complete the upgrade process


We perform an exhaustive analysis of your requirements and the overall situation, defining an architectural solution on that basis.


We design and implement a laboratory environment to validate procedures defined in the previous phase. Moreover, we analyse any potential application compatibility issues deriving from the transition to a new operating system version.


We deploy the SCCM agent and Windows 10 pilots and validate all procedures.


The new solution is deployed on all workstations.

Forrester Research estimates a ROI of +233%

With new features and functionality, Windows 10 improves security, simplifies management tasks and promotes employee mobility.

According to a Forrester study, migrating to Windows 10 delivers the following benefits:

Increased user productivity (+25%)

Reduction of IT management time (-20%) with consequent savings on management costs

Agility of provisioning and testing of applications

Reduction of security risks (-33%) and costs of correcting related problems

Improvement of tools and resources used by employees for more effective interactions with customers

Greater speed and ease of deployment compared to previous updates

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