A more connected reality

Extended digital features for objects, environments and devices

There is this new technology that is able to connect objects and places to the Web via sensors, with the aim of mapping the real world and creating services, comforts and solutions for you or for your company.

It’s a production, energy and smart service technology that enables collaboration between machines and tools, integrates companies with external infrastructures and creates systems that can automatically reduce energy waste.

It’s a technology based on the digital interaction between physical and digital systems; it makes environments interactive and highly decentralized. It’s the founding technology of the 4.0 industry, a scenario carachterized by automation and customization.

You already know this technology: it’s called the Internet of Things. What you don’t know, maybe, is how to exploit it to create new business. Imagine you could monitor and predict everything you want: from machineries’ performance in manufacturing to predictive maintenance, from the electricity consumption on an office (or building) to the patient monitoring in the healthcare field.

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