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Produciamo futuro
con occhi nuovi

Condividiamo le nostre competenze digitali per costruire il mercato di domani

Più di 150 consulenti con la passione per le tecnologie Microsoft

Digital Transformation requires dynamic skills to anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s market.

SoftJam is a team of over 150 consultants who are passionate about digital technologies and have the ability to face constant change with courage and determination.

WE PRODUCE THE FUTURE, with a fresh outlook

We engage our minds to envision how technology may be used to improve the way our customers live and work. We gaze at digital technologies with the wonder of primitive man, dreaming of discovering new applications for IT solutions that will become tangible realities with commercial outcomes.

We employ Microsoft’s Cloud platform, which is unparalleled in terms of its capabilities and tool integration, ranging from device management to the discovery of new worlds with Artificial Intelligence, all while maintaining the same levels of security, data protection, and dependability.

We choose to be one-of-a-kind in our specialisation on Microsoft technologies and platforms, and the outcomes for our clients speak for themselves.

Improving the lives of women and men today

We believe in practical solutions that help businesses expand and make the workplace more pleasant and efficient. We put this idea into action by assisting businesses in streamlining their processes and easing the transition to new leadership models in the face of major changes taking place in human history and technology.

A novel approach to discovering opportunities

We are confident that the abundant opportunities for individual, economic and societal growth can only be realised via innovative approaches and perspectives. For this reason we have become a Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner so as to help companies speed up the deployment and adoption of Microsoft 365 and at the same time discover untapped possibilities.

Being a leader in things that matter

We only offer the most cutting-edge technologies to our clients. However, in order to assist clients in achieving their objectives, we have consistently invested our technological knowledge in Microsoft products, keeping our Gold Partner position year after year.

And we are glad we did because, with Microsoft’s integrated cloud platform, we are able to provide comprehensive control over the application of digital technologies to business, from data and endpoint management and protection to the most advanced uses of software robotics and artificial intelligence.