We don't settle
for just being experts
in the use of technologies

We live every day in motion, on a journey of growth in our knowledge and continuous innovation of our solutions that has neither a deadline nor a predetermined destination. We invest in cutting-edge research topics such as Emotion Detection or Explainable AI, and analyze the impact of our solutions and technologies on the Industries in which we operate, ranging from credit risk models to energy sustainability to cognitive function support.


We are open to research collaborations through national and European programs. Some examples of our projects include:

GREENER – Single photon source and detector based on novel materials for the detection of endocrine disruptors

GREENER aims to help water monitoring with new compact spectrometer technology based on Quantum Dots that can measure extremely low concentrations of contaminants in water, posing a significant health risk to humans and animals.

In Greener, SoftJam is leading Data processing and AI algorithms development. SoftJam will utilize its expertise in Big Data and AI to analyze data obtained from the innovative spectroscope. Additionally, the company will focus on crafting a Machine Learning model designed to identify the energetic signature of substances in water, even when present in minute concentrations.


Interview with Marco Scandelin

Discover SoftJam’s ambitious Greener project, focused on the development of nanotechnological sensors to detect pollutants in water, in international collaboration with leading partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute. A step forward in the field of research and development for innovation and environmental sustainability.

The Partners

RIPE Project

RIPE (Risk Prediction for Elderly patients) is an industrial research project in the “Health and Life Sciences” technological field, created to develop support tools for new care models. It is particularly aimed at chronic care management, establishing models for the evolution of chronic diseases based on the analysis of patients’ health data. Within the project, GPI leads the partnership with FOS Greentech, SurgiQ, and SoftJam, focusing on Big Data predictive analytics, AI, and Machine Learning.



We leverage partnerships to explore new ideas. We bring them to life through commissioned or collaborative research, sponsoring high-level training programs, or participating in thematic groups, conferences, and ad-hoc initiatives.

The Bruno Kessler Foundation ›

Together with the Bruno Kessler Foundation, we have established the Joint Research Laboratory in Conversational Artificial Intelligence. Within it, we conduct joint research activities on the topic of Natural Language Processing applied to Conversational Agents, with a particular focus on Speech Emotion Detection and Clustering and Quality Evaluation. On the same topic, we also sponsor PhD positions within the Industrial Innovation Research Doctorate at the University of Trento and the Bruno Kessler Foundation.

University of Genoa ›

With the Department of Computer Science, Bioengineering, Robotics, and Systems Engineering, we promote education and research in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, and other fields of common interest. As part of this initiative, we sponsor programs such as the Second Level Master in Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection. With the Department of Economics, we collaborate in the field of Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis, Economics of Innovation, Data Science, Policy Evaluation, and the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies such as AI & Credit Risk Models.

University of Catania ›

We have signed a framework agreement with the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Engineering to collaborate in the areas of data analysis, hybrid cloud, and IT security. We work together on research, development, and prototype design, as well as the experimental analysis of innovative technological solutions. Additionally, we commit to contributing to theoretical studies. Furthermore, we promote opportunities for advanced training and initiatives in scientific dissemination.

Microsoft AI Hub ›

SoftJam is among the first partners to pool its expertise within the Microsoft AI Hub, the virtual AI competence center aimed at accelerating the development of experimental projects in response to the needs of various industrial sectors, fostering collaboration with startups, universities, research centers, and institutions. The primary objectives are rapid prototyping of AI projects to support the competitiveness of businesses and the training of professionals to disseminate the digital skills necessary for innovation in Italy.

Start 4.0 ›

Start 4.0 is one of the 8 Italian Competence Centers created by the Ministry of Economic Development within the national Industry 4.0 plan. It is a public-private partnership led by the National Research Council, involving the Italian Institute of Technology, public institutions, and some of the most important Italian businesses. The main mission is to launch and accelerate technological development projects in the field of security for strategic infrastructures in sectors such as ports, energy, transportation, water, and manufacturing.