We are not satisfied with
being experts
in the use of technologies

We spend every day of our lives on the go, with no set timetable or objective in mind, on a never-ending quest for knowledge in order to enrich our ideas. We invest in cutting-edge research areas such as Emotion Detection and Explainable AI. We evaluate the effect of our solutions and technologies on the sectors in which we operate, which range from credit risk models to energy sustainability to cognitive function enhancement.


We form partnerships to test new concepts. We do so via commissioning or collaborating on research, financing higher education programs, and participating in focus groups, conferences, and many other ad hoc initiatives.

fondazione bruno kessler ›

In collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler, we have set up the Joint Research Laboratory in Conversational Artificial Intelligence. Together, we carry out joint research on Natural Language Processing applied to Conversational Agents, with a focus on Speech Emotion Detection, Clustering, and Quality Evaluation. On the same topic, we sponsor PhD positions at the University of Trento and Fondazione Bruno through the Research Doctorate in Industrial Innovation.

University of Genoa

We support teaching and research in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, and other disciplines of common interest through the Department of Computer Science, Bioengineering, Robotics, and Systems Engineering. As part of this initiative, we sponsor programs such as the Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection. We collaborate with the economics department on Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis, Economics of Innovation, Data Science, Policy Evaluation, and the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies such as AI & Credit Risk Models.

University of Catania

We have signed a framework agreement with the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Engineering to collaborate on data analytics, hybrid cloud, and IT security. We work together on prototype research, development, and design, as well as experimental analysis of cutting-edge technology solutions and theoretical research. We also promote opportunities for higher education and science outreach initiatives.

Microsoft AI Hub ›

SoftJam is one of the first partners to pool its expertise within the Microsoft AI Hub, the virtual AI skills centre, which strives to promote interchange among start-ups, universities, research centres, and front-line organisations in order to accelerate the creation of experimental projects in response to the demands of various industrial sectors. There are two primary missions: firstly, the rapid prototyping of AI projects capable of supporting the competitiveness of companies, and secondly, the training of professionals to disseminate the digital skills needed for innovation in Italy.

Start 4.0 ›

Start 4.0 is one of eight Italian Competence Centres established by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of the country’s Industry 4.0 strategy. It is a public-private partnership led by the National Research Council that includes the Italian Institute of Technology, governmental institutions, and some of Italy’s most prominent corporations. The principal goal is to establish and accelerate technological development projects in the field of strategic infrastructure security in the following sectors: port, energy, transportation, water, and production.


We welcome research collaborations through national and European programmes. Some examples of our projects include:

RIPE Project

RIPE (Risk Prediction for Elderly Patients) is an industry research project in the ‘Health and Life Sciences’ technology area that aims at developing tools for new models of care. It focuses on chronic disease management by  predicting disease progression based on the analysis of patients’ health data. SoftJam joined forces with a consortium of industrial partners including GPI, FOS Greentech, and SurgiQ. The project was carried out in collaboration with University of Genoa and the Bruno Kessler Foundation as scientific partners.