Going beyond
Remote Working

Thinking digital is the new challenge of the 2020s
The era of working in isolation is over, it’s time for all workers to share their productivity and valuable ideas with each other in new and inspiring ways

Work has changed, forever

The recent pandemic has led us to reassess the way we work and to think of new ways to collaborate with each other.
We have all realised that we must now learn to live in the midst of a never-ending epidemic.

Our knowledge of using collaborative tools means we can now adapt and change the way we live and work. Collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams have helped us view our work environment differently and allowed us to create new ways of doing business.

Online technologies provide solutions to remote working by helping us to be more productive no matter where we are. Cloud-based collaborative environments, such as Microsoft Cloud, create a safe space to share ideas and communicate effectively with our colleagues. Thanks to tools like Microsoft Teams, organisations are becoming more efficient and worker-friendly. Borders between departments and companies are disappearing, and collaborative processes are being transformed.

We, as new professionals, must rely on services that deliver the most reliable data security solutions. We must learn to work without paper, analog devices, and even physical walls. To accomplish this, we must be flexible and have confidence in the systems and devices we use to produce, create, and collaborate.

The traditional physical workplace within companies is rapidly evolving to favour more agile workstations. This in turn requires infrastructure that ensures continuity of service in full compliance with security.

At SoftJam, we believe that information technology has a significant role to play in guiding a company along a continuous path of digital transformation. We recognize the importance of maintaining high levels of security and delivering up-to-date business services that enable a company to produce high-quality, cost-effective goods and services.

The Modern Workplace is based on the concept of smart working, in which users are at the heart of corporate operations and can work from anywhere, utilising Microsoft Cloud’s collaboration, sharing, and productivity capabilities.

SoftJam respects the role that creativity and trust play in nurturing professional and productive cloud-based collaboration between workers. We can help your company to seamlessly transition into a fully digital working environment while ensuring the wellbeing of all staff.

Document Management

We generate enormous amounts of data every day. However, one of the most prevalent requirements of businesses is a central location where this data can be readily shared and maintained. Company data is frequently saved locally or shared in haphazardly organised repositories.

Business App & Automation

Many organisations continue to handle repetitive, low-value-added jobs manually, oblivious to the fact that this restricts their workers’ productivity and operational efficiency, and, more importantly, exposes them to dangers stemming from human error.

One solution to this problem is implementing automated workflows and developing business apps that streamline typically time-consuming operations. Have you considered creating a document management software application that includes approval processes? Or a data collection app for auditing and analysis? Do you have any plans to create an app that allows you to share data from several databases?

Workplace Modernization

Workplace Modernisation refers to the deployment and management of solutions that make workplaces more contemporary and dynamic. Today, this change is required for organisations that want to keep up with the times and allow new methods of working that are more flexible, secure, and productive for their staff.

A lack of innovation in workstations, along with the existence of heterogeneous devices used to access company resources, inevitably leads to a slew of problems, such as the ones we have highlighted below . . .

Workplace Adoption

How many programs and functions on our workstations do we ignore because we simply don’t understand how to utilise them? Each of us would rather resort to more time-consuming workarounds to achieve tasks that might simply be accomplished with an ad hoc function already existing on our device.

Underutilised tools represent undervalued investments that conceal untapped productivity potential.