The steam
engine of 2022

What if the answer is not about replacing hardware and equipment? How to use a totally cloud-based approach to revolutionise your business and thrive.
What if the most important aspect of Digital Transformation is not about replacing physical devices with virtual systems? Following the many changes that have occurred since the beginning of the new millennium, it is now more important than ever to transform our business operations. We demonstrated that we can adjust with courage and perseverance throughout the early phases of the epidemic, and the positive economic outcomes for 2021 are solid proof. Why not sustain this transformation? Cloud Computing is a new paradigm. It is not simply a new technology. But we can only accept the Cloud Computing paradigm by adopting a different attitude. It is like the steam engine of the 1920s, and if we agree to look at it with fresh eyes, it may help us create a new economic and cultural revolution. Our ancient ancestors’ awareness was founded on the belief that what they did was never exclusively reliant on themselves, but also on everything around them. To remain competitive in the market, businesses must modernise their infrastructure and applications in response to the continuously expanding technological landscape. And Cloud Computing is the winning strategy for meeting this problem. It is now no longer an issue of whether to adopt Cloud Computing, but of determining when and which path to take based on one’s needs. SoftJam assists organisations in implementing cloud solutions and technologies with the goal of modernising data centres and applications, fostering DevOps practices, and assuring service continuity. Our Cloud Architects will assist you from the initial assessment phase, through planning, design, and migration, through governance and IT staff training. Have you already defined your Cloud Strategy? Find out how SoftJam can support you.

& App Modernization

SoftJam believes that in order to compete in this new digital era, IT departments must assist their company to operate with the best options and innovations that the Cloud – private and/or public – has to offer. Organisations must constantly rethink and revolutionise the way they do IT in order to keep up with the times and avoid: a high TCO, limited scalability of numerous application silos owing to software based on Virtual Machine architectures, and a high risk of compromise due to a large attack surface.


DevOps is a set of production practices that promotes communication, collaboration, and constant interdepartmental integration. However, if you are thinking about implementing DevOps culture and practices in your team, be aware that initially you will most likely encounter a number of issues that will impede productivity, team alignment, and workflows. The solution to these issues is to rely on SoftJam to make the move as painless as possible while allowing you to produce exceptional results!

Business Continuity

In a constantly shifting market with an ever-increasing emphasis on customer satisfaction, whether end users or internal to an organisation, continuity of service and operations is one of the most difficult challenges businesses must confront. The danger of losing business and data due to IT outages, the time required to resolve issues, and the lack of resilience of systems built on outdated paradigms all contribute to a high Total Cost of Ownership for businesses. Furthermore, there is a significant level of inefficiency in Business Continuity Plans, which are frequently overlooked due to their expensive cost.