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Unisciti al nostro team di hi-tech

Not one of the many system integrators?

Then it is in your best interests to learn more about us:

SoftJam works on high-tech projects, primarily for a global clientele. The average age of our work colleagues is 35, which provides an atmosphere in which we eschew formality to allow for flexibility, creativity, and significant prospects for advancement.

Don't risk being just a number

At SoftJam we look after each and every one of our employees, and the proof is in our actions.

Our organisation is both structured and flexible, allowing everyone the chance to get to know one another and develop their talents.

What does softjam offer you?

Career pathways, meritocracy, technical certification courses, agile working as well as complete smart working, hourly flexibility, attractive compensation, and unique perks are all available to employees.

Professionalism and direct engagement with our long-term partner, Microsoft.

Technical certifications for your future

We encourage and facilitate our employees in obtaining certifications.

What are the company’s most popular certifications? Microsoft, AWS, DevOps, PMP, SCRUM, plus a slew of others.


We support training at all levels as a fundamental part of our operations.


Through our partnerships, we encourage our people to grow by organising conferences, themed summer schools, university master’s programs, and even Industrial PhD programs for the most diligent.

SoftJam Academy

Juniors go through an internal standardised training program for several months to gain practical know-how as well as technical expertise.

Career Opportunities

Contact us if you believe you have the right profile for one of our open positions or if you are seeking an opportunity to contribute your talent.