& App Modernization

What if the answer is not about replacing hardware and equipment? How to use a totally cloud-based approach to revolutionise your business and thrive.

SoftJam believes that in order to compete in this new digital era, IT departments must assist their company to operate with the best options and innovations that the Cloud – private and/or public – has to offer.

Organisations must constantly rethink and revolutionise the way they do IT in order to keep up with the times and avoid: a high TCO, limited scalability of numerous application silos owing to software based on Virtual Machine architectures, and a high risk of compromise due to a large attack surface.

For those of us accustomed to working in technology, innovation is a must.

At SoftJam we understand that innovation should begin with the modernization of infrastructure, apps, and business processes.

We have been working on Cloud solutions for almost twenty years. Our extensive expertise and knowledge have enabled us to design a multi-step, safe, and proven approach by leveraging the full potential of Microsoft’s Azure platform. We assist businesses of all sizes in transforming and evolving their Data Centres to a Hybrid Cloud architecture.

Infrastructure modernization necessitates, first and foremost, the creation of a new corporate vision committed to transformation. Why is it necessary to modernise?

Making productive use of technology is a skill that can be learned, but it requires a few key steps to be effective:

  • Migrate to the Cloud and replace outdated or inflexible physical resources.
  • Develop scalable systems for cloud data management.
  • Create constantly active security systems that can generate instant alarms.
    Expand cloud operations to workgroups (Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Secure Storage, etc.)
  • Because of the infrastructure’s full flexibility, as-a-service innovation is possible.Take part in the conversation on creating a breakthrough business vision!