Identity, Device, App & Data Protection

Aumentare il livello di sicurezza delle infrastrutture e delle applicazioni per progettere il business 

How can a company protect itself against cyber-threats? There are no magical formulas; simply don’t trust anyone.

SoftJam provides a method based on the concept of ‘Zero Trust: Never Trust, Always Verify,’ in which each person’s productivity is safeguarded by constant verification of access, identity, and devices, regardless of source.

Our aim is to perceive the attack surface clearly and grasp the entire threat pattern. Intelligence and control is not enough. We need to use artificial intelligence to develop faster and more automated responses to threats recognized by systems. This will minimise the danger of private data being lost or disclosed.

Our customers must have confidence in our abilities.

Reach out to one of our experts! After thoroughly examining your current setup, we will do a gap analysis against a projected scenario. Finally, we’ll provide you with a robust conversion strategy and help you put our solutions in place.