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Conversational Platform

Strumenti di conversazione artificiale per massimizzare la potenza del digitale ed accedere alle informazioni più facilmente

We live in an era of Artificial Intelligence. But how frustrating is it to converse with an ineffective chatbot?

At SoftJam, we’re committed to implementing Conversational Platforms that help businesses improve their efficiency. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants must make information access quick and simple for both staff and customers, or they will be worthless.

In other scenarios, they should enable the automation of low-value-added manual processes that have an inherent high risk of human error and high costs.

Artificial Intelligence should not be taken lightly: To achieve a reasonable degree of customer satisfaction, the performance level must be very high, and must be able to deliver:

  • enhanced employee productivity by assisting with everyday duties
  • a reduction in the total operating costs of helpdesk services
  • an increase in the level of customer care service quality as perceived by users
  • the optimization of investments in help desk personnel as a result of providing the highest levels of support

SoftJam has created a methodology for better managing the bot creation and maintenance cycle, as well as a patented system for analysing bot performance, which is extremely beneficial for ongoing Virtual Assistant training.
So, what are you waiting for? Join the conversation about AI interacting with humans.