Data Analytics
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Descriptive Analytics

Analizzare i fenomeni e gli insiemi di dati per scoprirne tutto il valore

It’s interesting to consider how data may be used to interpret the future, but first you must understand the present.

SoftJam is dedicated to assisting organisations with data collection processes. However, gathering data is merely the start of the adventure.

Thanks to the Descriptive Analytics tools that SoftJam provides its customers, data can be standardised, analysed and made visually comprehensible, so that informed decisions can be made on how to improve business performance.

If you do not analyse your data, it will be impossible to determine the worth of your data and to calculate the expenditures required to secure it. This can be disastrous for your organisation.

Not sure where to begin? You can count on our Microsoft Data Platform knowledge and expertise (Azure, Synapse, PowerBI) to guide and support you. Please contact us now!