Document Management

Come usare gli ambienti digitali messi a disposizione da Microsoft per potenziare l’efficacia dei team virtuali

Organise information and work more efficiently

Badly designed document management decreases workplace efficiency and productivity.

At some point everyone has been frustrated by an organisation’s inability to perform as a team.

Defining the architecture of information and documents, as well as determining the rules that best match your customer’s DNA, demands knowledge and expertise to ensure that technologies such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online effectively meet the needs of your organisation.

SoftJam has devised an intranet and Modern Work vision based on the following key pillars:

  • Communication must be straightforward and effective.
  • Documents are the core of the business and must be easily traceable and available from any device.
  • Processes must be flexible and suitable for all abilities.
  • The organisational structure must be easily understood by anyone following the document management guidelines regardless of prior training.

First and foremost, we are convinced of one thing: migration to the Cloud is not a simple transfer of files and digital archives. Being a company leader also entails empowering each user, within the scope of his or her tasks, to fully express his or her skills and to consistently improve performance.

The creation of a company ’s intranet has the power to unite employees’ energy around a potentially innovative internal communication project, generating passion and a fresh devotion to work.

Improving the way documents are maintained requires:

  • delivering authentic communication that hits the mark and keeps the organisation running as efficiently as possible
  • encouraging novel approaches to using data
  • implementing ‘state of the art’ solutions and technologies that foster a culture of innovation throughout the organisation.
  • No organisation can be satisfied with its document management system if these expectations are not fulfilled.
  • Let’s discuss your achievements in information management and co-plan the future together!