SoftJam, Lutech and Microsoft for Lutech’s security

Advantages gained

Significant improvement in cybersecurity, as evidenced by Lutech's Microsoft Secure Score increasing from 17% to 57%, thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Defender solutions.

A safer IT environment, with reduced vulnerabilities and strengthened defenses against a wide range of cyber threats, thanks to the adoption of Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, Defender for Office 365, and Defender for Cloud Apps.

Simplification of security solution management by reducing the number of third-party antivirus and antispam solutions and their separate management interfaces.

Formation of a winning team, composed of Lutech, SoftJam, and Microsoft, capable of facing further challenges and extending the collaboration to other clients, thanks to the project's success and the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Cyber resilience

Context and needs

Before the collaboration, Lutech was facing several challenges related to cybersecurity, including improving its security posture, some shortcomings in incident management and identity protection. Additionally, the company needed to handle the complexity arising from the use of various third-party antivirus and antispam solutions with separate management interfaces. Lutech needed to enhance its cybersecurity, strengthen defenses against cyber threats, and simplify the management of security solutions.

Solution and Technology

To address Lutech’s security challenges, SoftJam and Microsoft collaborated in implementing a comprehensive solution based on Microsoft Defender technologies. The project involved the adoption of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, Defender for Office 365, and Defender for Cloud Apps. Key phases of the project included the rapid integration of 1,700 devices into the security system and the postponement of mobile device onboarding on Intune to meet Lutech’s needs. Additionally, the Pureview project was initiated. The main goals of the solution were to increase protections against cybercrime, strengthen defenses against various cyber threats, reduce vulnerabilities in the IT environment, and improve the management and monitoring of cybersecurity. The solution led to a significant increase in the Microsoft Secure Score, from 17% to 57%, demonstrating a radical improvement in security posture.