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Win Together

We understand the importance of developing our services in collaboration with our customers.
In today’s rapidly changing socioeconomic environment, problem solving and how to discover new opportunities are skills not readily learnt in school. As a result, in 2021, we at SoftJam decided to combine our knowledge and services with a market analysis strategy that we conduct in collaboration with our clients and corporate partners. Our collaboration with Microsoft allows us to see things from both a national and international perspective, while our professional relationship with experts in socioeconomic change helps us to ask the appropriate questions. We are reaching out to companies that are concerned about our country’s future and technology, so that we may work together to solve everyday concerns as well as major hurdles in the coming years. Let’s see how we can work together to co-create the future.

Client Survey

SoftJam believes that understanding the demands and opportunities that businesses encounter when adopting technology is critical to being competitive in this new digital era.

That is why we organise a series of interviews with our customers every quarter to analyse experiences we all share on a daily basis. During these interviews we explore specific topics such as Microsoft Teams or using data to achieve business innovation.

Client Board

After we analyse relevant issues that come up in our Client Surveys, we meet at least once a quarter with participating customers and discuss priorities for action, often sharing the best examples of actions carried out by other companies in Italy or abroad. Our Client Boards are focused on using technology to discover answers to our clients’ challenges. Because the technology is universal, it may be deployed in a bespoke and proprietary fashion by each customer, these are non-competitive gatherings where firms interact and learn from one another.

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