KORY: The Product Family Expands, Innovation Grows

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Based on Artificial Intelligence and natural language understanding, KORY has been developed to allow organizations to integrate processes, data, and unconnected documents through a simple conversational experience.

With KORY, it is possible to automate routine operations, make corporate information more accessible and easily queryable, assist users in controlling processes, and provide heterogeneous information through a single access point.

Starting today, with the introduction of a new As-a-Service offering and the enhancement of the KORY Accelerated version, the range of services is expanding.

KORY "As-a-Service"

No installations, just results

The “KORY As-a-Service” version is the answer to your needs: without requiring any installation in your environment, with KORY “As-a-Service,” you will get:

Q&A Help-Desk

Answers to your questions about Microsoft 365 without having to install anything.

Custom Integration

Optionally, KORY can be customized to meet your specific knowledge needs and relationship with your user base.

The capabilities of KORY “As-a-Service” will help you create digital experiences for the people in your organization and increase business productivity without any technical complications.

KORY "Accelerated"

Customization and integration without limits

The “KORY Accelerated” solution is perfect for companies seeking extensive customization and integration without compromise. KORY Accelerated will enable you to achieve:

Customized Responses

to your questions on any topic (it is possible to narrow down the search domains), based on company documentation, without having to manage the installation.

Complete Integration

of KORY “As-a-Service” knowledge, enriched with actionable skills, continuously expandable, without the need to install additional software.

Enhanced Skills

immediately available, such as ServiceNow and Knowledge Mining for intelligent navigation, without having to deal with complex configurations.

With KORY Accelerated, you will have access to a wide range of features without any need for installation, allowing you to achieve extraordinary results.

KORY Family

A world of possibilities without complications

KORY is much more than just a conversational engine. It’s a complete experience of process automation and intelligent response that can transform your business without requiring complex configurations.

Join the evolution of KORY with SoftJam and discover how you can improve your company’s processes without any complications: increase productivity, enhance corporate resources, and create digital experiences without any technical burden.