Business App & Automation

Come creare applicazioni che automatizzano le attività manuali più ripetitive e aumentare la dignità del lavoro

Improve worker morale through automation

When certain tasks in a workplace can be automated, even if only partially, we should not be afraid to implement automation technologies.

The introduction of automated workflows and the development of business apps that simplify repetitive time-consuming or mundane operations does not necessarily result in job loss. Instead, freeing a worker from these tasks can contribute to their sense of well being and increase morale.

Developing an application to manage documentation and approval procedures, or an app to gather data for audits and analysis, allows each worker to redirect their energy to higher-value tasks.

Everyone has the right to improve their professional skills, and no employee should ever be compelled to perform mindless repetitive tasks.

Microsoft Office 365 is designed to facilitate collaboration. It is a unique platform that enables and encourages a person to feel professional no matter where they are placed in the company.

At SoftJam, it comes natural to us to confront problems as leaders. Our approach to automating routine tasks is methodological and follows these steps:

  • analyse a process’s peculiarities and inefficiencies
  • design new processes and automation components
  • determine the most effective tools and features to support it
  • implement the solution

Allow our SoftJam experts to automate many of your organisation’s processes using Microsoft 365. Thanks to the code-free approach of SharePoint Online, Power Automate, and Power Apps, we can assure you that the time and cost it takes to deploy solutions is greatly reduced. You can be confident that the data generated by automation will help you to make knowledgeable decisions to ensure sustained future progress.

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