Alerion Clean Power Chooses Microsoft Azure’s “Green” Solution for Limitless Growth

Transition from a Private Cloud to Microsoft's Public Cloud for More Flexible and Eco-Sustainable Management.

Advantages gained

More eco-sustainable IT infrastructure.

Increasingly flexible and responsive management.

Ability to make business decisions not influenced by any rigidity imposed by the infrastructure.

Gradual access to additional features of the public cloud.

Context and needs

Alerion Clean Power is an industrial group specializing in the production of renewable energy and listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

Alerion’s daily commitment is part of the framework of programs launched by the European Union to support the goal of covering over 60% of electricity consumption with renewable energies by 2030, of which wind power will represent about 34%.

The constant pursuit of eco-sustainability led Alerion to reflect on the management of its IT infrastructure. The need was to move towards a more intense optimization in a “green” perspective while making the management platform more flexible and immediately responsive in a broad sense (technical resources as well as business processes, time required for management, time required for scaling up, and other priorities related to the evolution of information systems).

Solution and Technology

To meet these optimization needs, Alerion Clean Power decided to shift its entire IT infrastructure from a third-party private cloud to the Microsoft public cloud, under the guidance of SoftJam’s experience and established methodologies.

The migration also allowed for the planning of additional objectives that can be achieved in the future thanks to the move to Microsoft Azure. These include the priorities of cost reduction and the ability to make increasingly business decisions uninfluenced by the infrastructure, both in terms of its geographical location and in terms of the difficulty of adapting it to new challenges.