The intelligent control center of Fabio Perini

The intelligent control center for monitoring Perini's machinery.

Advantages gained

Storage and management of large amounts of data (Azure cloud scalability)

Simplified reading of complex reports with PowerBI

Insights used to optimize machine operation and improve processes

Opening to preventive maintenance of machinery, which will result in reduced line downtime and increased production efficiency

Context and needs

Fabio Perini SpA, an Italian company founded in 1966, is a leader in the supply of machinery and services for the transformation and packaging of tissue paper, providing innovative technologies and tailored integrated services for the global converting and packaging industry.

The client needed to easily monitor data derived from production lines (where Perini machines were used) both internally and by its customers, and to derive value from it. Therefore, the requirement was to collect data from manufacturing plants and store it in the cloud to be used both in “raw” form (predictive maintenance, intelligent OEE) and in aggregated form (business intelligence). The project would then be presented at MIAC, the International Exhibition of the Paper Industry.

Solution and Technology

Fabio Perini turned to SoftJam to create an innovative control center – named the Tissue Performance Center – based on Microsoft technologies, Azure cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics.

The solution allows for constant, real-time monitoring of the performance of Perini machines: data are collected and stored on Microsoft Azure cloud. Subsequently, through Microsoft IoT technologies, this data is collected, aggregated, and transformed into useful information for conscious planning of activities. Finally, Microsoft PowerBI, a platform for analysis and business intelligence, was chosen to make accessing and using the information extremely simple and intuitive, even remotely from any device.

Thanks to the use of Machine Learning algorithms, continuous screening of the processes and functional parts of the machines can detect any anomalies in the machinery and send an SMS or email alert to the users. After verifying the nature of the notification, they are able to identify the necessary intervention actions and optimize the efficiency of the machinery.


Franco Franceschi – Customer Service Performance Services Manager at Fabio Perini – and Fabio Santini – One Commercial Partner & Small, Medium and Corporate Leader at Microsoft – discuss the creation of the intelligent control center that allows for real-time monitoring of machinery performance and optimizing its efficiency, benefiting from preventive maintenance.